Taxes can be, well, taxing. You have a choice to file here online or for just a few dollars more you can come in to our office for a one-on-one interview. Either way the 1040EZ is all ways FREE
Our Online pricing is:
  • 1040EZ  FREE - State $9.95  
  • 1040A $19.95  - State 14.95
  • 1040 $24.95 to $44.95 State $19.95 to $24.95
  • Extensions  Free
  • Pay Only When You are Satisfied!
  • No Credit Card Needed - Pay with Your Federal Refund.
  • No Downloads Required.
  • E-Filing included at no additional charge!
  • Free support at 623-583-0113 (9am to 5pm AZ)
Our in office pricing for new clients:
  • 1040EZFree  
  • 1040A  $29.95  
  • 1040    $59.95 (excluding Sch C & E)
  • 1040    $69.95 (including Sch C & E)
  • E-Filing included at no additional charge!
  •  States $29.95 (Each)
  • Call 623-583-0113 to schedule your appointment  

 Frequently Asked Questions
Already filed and want to check status?

Login to your account and it will automatically direct you to your status page.
Am I eligible for certain credits?

Yes, Sign up and the application will determine which credits you´re qualified for. Including State credits.
Where can I file my state Tax?

You can file your state return right here. We will save the same information you provided us with your federal and transfer it over to your state forms.
Can I only file a state or only file a federal return?

Yes, You can file a state or only file federal. However, keep in mind if you choose to only file state you must have already filed your federal before filing your state.
Can I file 2 or 3 different state returns on this site?

Yes, In the state section you have the option to choose resident or non-resident states.
Can I still electronically file my past year tax return?

No. You can only file your past year return by mailing it to the IRS or state tax department because the IRS doesn't allow electronic filing for past year returns and requires you to sign them.
Having problems receiving our emails?

Make sure you don't have any emails from us on block (bulk email or spam blocker can cause our emails to default into a spam folder).
First time filing tax online?

Don't worry this is easier than you think. Just login use the free created account and take your simple interview. Feel free to use our free live chat for assistance during your interview.
How long does this self-tax preparation process take?

We are known for our fast turn-over time. Simple returns take a few minutes to complete online, all you need to do is make sure that you have supplied the correct information. Must enter the exact same information you have on your W2 or any other income documents.
When can I experience delays on my tax returns?

If you provide incomplete information, or incorrect information this will cause your tax return to be delayed. 
Do I have to have a credit/debt card to pay any fees?

If you have a Federal Refund your fees (if any) may be deducted from your Federal Refund. However, if you owe the Internal Revenue Service, and there is a fee, you will need access to a credit/debt card.
Where is my Federal Refund?

If you have a Federal Refund and E-filed, your Refund can take up to 21 days.
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